The Swansea Mass is currently a trio:
  Emma Bryant - drums
  Charlie Moore - bass
  Jeff Rufo - guitar, vocals

The Swansea Mass was formed in the fall of 2002 when Emma Bryant and Jeff Rufo found themselves at loose ends after the dissolution of their previous bands (Salomé and Abandoned Silos respectively). They were soon joined by bassist Anne Stevens -- who left the band and Chicago in late 2004.

For the November 2003 recording of the "silver venus" 7", the trio was joined by guitarist Pavan Singh.

Listen to mp3 audio files: clips from both sides of the 7" and live recordings from an Empty Bottle show in March 2004.

Swansea Mass takes its name from a place: Jeff Rufo's hometown. It is a riverside town that is beautiful but economically challenged. The same combination of beauty and hardship is the basis of many of the band's lyrics. Musically, the band counts the Soft Boys, Galaxie 500, Jonathan Richman, and My Bloody Valentine among its influences.

In May 2003, their track "Except By Sound" appeared on the Second Base CD compilation released by Mr. Hyde Records to coincide with the third annual Hyde Park (Chicago) Music Festival.

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[Photo: The Swansea Mass (one from selection of thumbs, above); photo/John Dunlevy]

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