The Swansea Mass


“silver venus” single

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“silver venus” backed with “chessy”

7″ vinyl, 33⅓ RPM

Maybe the Swansea Mass was just too good to last. Other than one compilation track, this seven-inch single from 2004 is the only release to document the post-shoegaze sound of this too short-lived band, who existed, in slight variations, from the fall of 2002 to the spring of 2005.

For this record, the then core trio of Emma Bryant (ex-Salomé, on drums), Jeff Rufo (guitar, vocals) and Anne Stevens (bass) was joined by Pavan Singh on lead guitar. Both tracks were recorded by Jeff Boyd in November 2003 and were mastered for vinyl at Golden Mastering. This record really captures the band at their peak.

The cover art (printed black on silver) was drawn by Plastic Crimewave.


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