Loud Devices
P O Box 13255
Chicago, IL 60613 USA


Loud Devices was founded in late 2002 (or so). Inspired by Chicago and the great music happening here, we came to be. First, we were an idea; that idea grew into a label. It took some time, but our first release was the Swansea Mass “silver venus” seven-inch single in early 2004. Since then, we've managed three more releases so far.

our logo [Loud Devices logo]

Our logo (on our site, best seen bigger on our homepage), was designed by Martha Chiplis.

demo policy

We are not actively soliciting demos. We already know of more records we'd like to put out than we'll ever actually get to -- even without considering unsolicited demos.

vacancies and internships

Nope, no openings here.

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